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We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

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Our Team

The firm employs both regular employees and free lance consultants (as 1099 Contractors), along with partners capable of performing projects for clients in all 50 States. The firm behaves as a Virtual Consulting Company that can bring the right and best resources in the just-in-time mode for the right projects and the right clients. Right projects are the ones that we have the skills and expertise in. We don’t accept projects that we can not bring to a successful and mutually beneficial conclusion. Right clients are the ones that are eager to change/transform, improve, learn, and grow.

We believe in the mantra of “Grow or Die”. We don’t work for clients that have the attitude of “Let the consultant do it”, or “We will continue what the consultants started after they leave”. Our best clients are the ones that want to work with us shoulder-to-shoulder so that we can solve problems together, set a new direction together, and make progress together. Great clients are hungry and thirsty for knowledge transfer and technology transfer. They want to take and leverage our ideas, views, guidance, tools, methodologies, education, training, and encouragement to take charge of their own destiny and own transformation.

Our Leadership

Phillip Andrews

Managing Director

Mr. Phil Andrews is the Managing Director of Biz Smarter, a business consulting firm.  He previously worked for other business consulting firms as VP of Consulting Services, Practice Leader and Senior Project Director.  His client list (among many) includes General Motors, Caterpillar, Case Corporation, U.S. Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, 3M, and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing).

Mr. Andrews’ background includes senior positions with EDS, Case Corporation, and General Electric.  He has also worked for IBM, Deere & Co., and Ford Motor Company.  Mr. Andrews holds BSIE and MBA degrees, and has several certifications and diplomas from professional organizations.

He has served on the Board Of Directors of Digitran (a high-tech company) in Logan, UT, and on the Boards of two NPOs in Dallas, TX.  He currently serves on the Boards of three companies, called “Achieving Leadership Institute”, “The Holistic Education Institute”, and “National Innovation Centers”.  He is also involved as a senior advisor for the “Clean Tech Open” and “Texas Consilium”.

Mr. Andrews’ current areas of focus are: Total Sustainability Management, Holistic Innovation, Creative Disruption and Growth Strategies.  He is currently working with four startup companies that are interested in accelerating their entrance in the marketplace, and having a greater impact on society … and the direction of our civilization.

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