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These are only samples of the services that we provide.  We are affiliated with Texas Consilium and other consulting firms that have over 100 professional services partners that can offer soup-to-nuts solutions (from high level strategies to full implementations --- including ongoing operations for Accounting, Finance, HRM, IT and other processes or functions).

Strategic Planning

Enterprise Transformation
Creative Disruption
Business Planning
Holistic Innovation Planning
Breakthrough Thinking
Total Sustainability Management Planning
Lean and Agile Planning
Supply Chain Management Planning

Information & Technology Planning

IT Strategy
Knowledge Management Strategy
Outsourcing Strategy
IoT Strategy
Cloud Strategy

Change Management

Culture Change Strategy
Culture Design & Development (Beyond Value & Beliefs)
Transition Planning
Succession Planning
Exit Strategy Planning

Environmental, Health & Safety Strategy

Going Green
LEED Certification
Green Product Design Strategy
EH&S Strategy
EH&S Courses (for OSHA Compliance)

Human Resource Management

HRM Strategy
Talent Management Strategy
Coaching and Mentoring Strategy
High Performance Organization Strategy
Policies, Procedures, Job Descriptions, Manuals
Balanced Scorecard and Performance Measures
Quadruple Bottom Line Management

Leadership and Organizational Learning

Learning Organization Strategy
Over 40 powerful workshops (and over 3,000 PowerPoint presentations)

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